New iMac: closure

I’m pleased to report that I’m writing this post (and wrote the previous one, for that matter) on a shiny new 24″ iMac. Yep, Apple finally got me one that worked. And they even apologized for it.

Not long after publishing my earlier post on the dead iMac saga, I received a lovely automated email from Apple asking me to please rate my recent AppleCare phone call. As you can imagine, I gave my experience very low marks. Lo and behold, the following day I received a call from Rachel at Apple’s online store customer care center, saying she’d received my responses and wanted to hear about what, exactly, had caused such negative ratings.

So I explained what had transpired. She apologized for my having received a dead machine, but really what she was concerned with was the poor communication and assistance I received after the machine got here. She agreed that not being able to return the machine to my local Apple store was pretty stupid, but explained that’s just how things work with their system. But the folks I spoke to should have known that and gotten things moving with the return label and such on Friday.

Anyway, after agreeing that things weren’t handled well, she said my replacement machine was already in-process and would arrive in a few days, at which point she’d call to follow up and make sure I was properly taken care of.

The machine arrived on Thursday the 16th, and worked. Which was nice. I spoke to Rachel again on Friday. She was happy to hear the new machine was in working order and offered $100 worth of stuff from the online Apple store, with free expedited shipping, as a way of apologizing for Apple not handling the situation better.

Martha and I took her up on that offer, of course. I had her send a miniDisplayPort-to-DVI adapter, and Martha got an anti-glare cover for her iPod as well as nice sleeve for it. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing, expecially given the obscene amount Apple charges for the display adapter (we’d bought one at the local store already, which we subsequently returned).

I love the new machine; it’s noticeably faster than the old one, though I must say 24″ feels a bit ridiculous to me (its network id is “Jumbotron” for a reason).

All of which means I’m now selling the old one, if you’re interested.